Dear medical team,

We warmly welcome you and invite you to participate in “Screen free until 3”.

The campaign in your office – information & relationship with parents

Here you can see a “Screen free until 3” best practice example.

It shows how you insert the signal sticker into the yellow screening booklet and how you communicate with the parents (verbally/nonverbally) in the best possible way.

The aim is for the parents of your patients to feel how important this topic is for their child’s development and to understand the “Screen free until 3” sticker.

If you use the practice app “Mein Kinder- und Jugendarzt”, we have designed a text module for you with which you can draw the parents’ attention to the survey on the use of screen media via the app.

In the NEW U-booklet, you can either stick the signal sticker on the page of the U5, or, ...
... quasi as a target marking, on the side of the U7a.
“Variants of the yellow notebook”, podcast by Silke Schwarz MD and Prof. David Martin MD
Signalaufkleber im alten U-Heft
App-based research in outpatient paediatrics through the practice app "Mein Kinder- und Jugendarzt"

Via the practice app “Mein Kinder- und Jugendarzt” parents receive questions on the use of screen media and on the development of their children for the early detection examinations U5, U6, U7 and U7a.

We welcome your feedback and comments on “Screen-free until 3”.

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